About Us

Netchef offers time saving solutions by working wonders in the kitchen with simple instructions for cooking delicious meals.

Our company, which started its operations in January 2018 with the Dirhem brand, has started to serve national and international sectors with NetChef Gourmet (domestic market) and NetChef (global market) brands as of November 2021. The ‘NetChef’ brand was founded by Pacovis Turkey (pacovis.com.tr), a subsidiary of Kütaş Group Turkey (kutas.com.tr) and Pacovis AG Switzerland (pacovis.ch). Founded in 1935, Pacovis AG is one of the leading European companies in its field, specialising in functional food ingredients and meat product additive blends.

The Kütaş Group boast 40 years of experience in the herbs and spices industry, serving numerous markets internationally. Pacovis Turkey has been able to reflect the extensive experience of its partner companies in innovative products and customer-oriented operations in the food service and commercial use sectors. NetChef products owe their quality to the use of the finest ingredients, sound technical infrastructure and professional staff.  

This strong combination meets with the approval of even the most discerning chefs in the industry. NetChef also offers private-labelling and different sized packaging options, to ensure complete customer satisfaction and catering to all needs.

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